A touch of the ancient Greek culture in Anastazio fine jewelry



His creations reflect his love for artistic jewelry, being inspired by ancient cultures, nature and the love of feminine sexuality. He has discovered his passion for the art of stone-setting and jewelry-making 15 years ago, when he started his apprenticeship in his brother’s workshop.

Dear friends, I am very glad to present you the beautiful designs of one of the Greek emerging and talented contemporary jewelers, Anastazio. As he pointed out in our discussion on the art of jewelry which, by the way, represents his meaning in life, Anastazio loves to combine the classic style with a modern touch by creating designs with intricate details, yet stylishly simple, that seem to express the idea of eternity.

This is what his first collection “All time classic” is about, a collection that encompasses high jewelry pieces whose inspiration source comes from the Greek folklore.

Jewelry items by Anastazio:

  1. Twelve brilliant round diamonds embrace the rutilated quartz in Princess ring (photo no 2)
  2. Fish of gold earrings are made in 18K gold with smoky quartz set with brilliant round diamonds
  3. The black ruthenium in the Cosmos pendant embodies a green tourmaline and two diamonds
  4. The Sun in moonlight ring is made in yellow and white gold, with blue diamonds
  5. The Contrast faces earrings are adorned with brilliant diamonds
  6. A blue topaz of 3 ct dominates one side of the Empress ring crafted in 18K gold

This young designer has a clear understanding of the women wearing his creations: they are dynamic, have a strong personality and like to feel unique and beautiful.

Dear Anastazio, please allow me to dedicate the song I uploaded below to all these women. As I stated on my “about” page, I also think that women who love jewelry and know how to wear it are confident and sexy and they remain classy even after taking it off. In my opinion, the women in the video express the feminine sexuality without being vulgar and I now have two of my favorite art forms (jewelry and music) bringing an ode to femininity on the same page.

Thank you!


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