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Ask contemporary designers where they get their inspiration from and, no doubt, many will tell you so:

TRAVEL is a top source.

The excitement of newly discovered places, the experiences, and the splendour of the landscapes, the architecture, and beautiful cultures and traditions – all stimulate our creativity and can influence the way we manifest it.

But what do you do when access to certain areas is limited, as it was in the pandemic?

Whether we’re facing imposed restrictions or our daring to explore exotic destinations is more tempered today, we still have a solution:

We can do it remotely, from the comfort of our homes.

Here is the catch:

It would be best if you had the perfect ally to immerse yourself in a different universe.

As I’ve told you here before, when it comes to technology, my Philips TV is such an ally.

In the meantime, we’ve swapped our old TV for an OLED model, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

The colours are more vibrant, and every moment caught on camera seems closer.

With the Philips OLED TV and its Ambilight effect, you have everything you need to explore the digital world:

* It delivers cinematic vision and sound.

* Thanks to a deep-learning AI algorithm, images are processed similarly to the human brain.

This translates into a great viewing experience: on-screen detail and contrast are realistic, images are rich and movement is smooth.

* It comes equipped with Android and Google Assistant.

* It also works with Alexa.

* It is perfect for gaming if that is your way to relax or find ideas for your next creative project.

* Due to its elegant and minimalist design, you can easily integrate it into your home décor.

Now, whether you use your TV to watch movies, reality shows, and documentaries or search for tutorials on the internet, the ability to transport yourself to other worlds is right at your home.

It may not compare to discovering destinations firsthand, but we need this dimension too.

Enjoy your quest for inspiration and check here for the latest Philips OLED TV deals – they come with a summer promotion, available until August 31, 2022.

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