Jewelry at IJL 2014



A week has passed since my announcement about International Jewellery London (IJL) and I feel like I made it last month. So many beautiful things happened during my trip to UK that I needed time to digest all the information.

Getting back to the trade fair though, it was an excellent show! Starting with the facility to the exhibited jewelry and the people invited to participate at the fair. I discovered there a full range of techniques, gems and metals and the talented designers behind all of these. I suppose you already know how amazing it is to talk with someone who is passionate about his or her work and see it right there, on the spot.

I also remembered how great it is to travel. Not only that you meet interesting people, but you face new situations and cultures, both meaningful and inspiring. No wonder that many of the designers have pointed their trips to Asia, Africa or other places as their main source of inspiration used in their collections.

Here are some of the jewelry designers I’ve met and their creations (starting with the third image):

  1. Ozlem Ozturk Jewellery
  2. SARAH HO Fine Jewellery
  3. SIF JAKOBS Jewellery
  4. NEOLA by Andrea Hauer
  5. MAREE LONDON by Maria Thompson
  6. Montaldi Gioielli
  7. Joanna Bury
  8. Youjin Nam
  9. Kiki Tang
If you want to see more of the jewelry pieces which were exhibited and sold at IJL, then go to the official website of the show:

I am looking forward to having some interviews done with the designers I’ve met at IJL, so stay tuned! There’s more to come!

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