For each item listed in our gallery, the payment will be made directly to the designer that created it, based on the offer you receive from us. Each offer has the consent of its author and you have to request it first in order to receive it. 

The transaction will be based on the payment method that is acceptable to the designer, who will be liable for the registration of the payment and the commercial services derived from it (shipping, return, guarantee certificate etc.).

Once an item will be paid to the designer, you will be asked however to also send us the proof of the payment, so we can consider the transaction closed.

Documents related to the products purchased from the designers (invoice, guarantee certificate, etc.) will be delivered together with the ordered products. If you order products from different designers simultaneously, you have to make separate payments so you can receive a separate package from each designer.

These terms also apply to the bespoke service (custom made jewelry), which will be invoiced directly by the designer providing it.

In order to be an eligible client for the designers we collaborate with, you must:

1. have the legal right to use any credit card or other payment method that is acceptable to the designers

2. be able to respond to the payment methods that are acceptable to the designers

3. supply information that is true, correct and complete within the purchase process