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live your jewelry love affair to the fullest style guide

The style guide for extraordinary women…

"Live your jewelry love affair to the fullest" is the perfect guide for the stylish modern woman.

The one who loves being assertive, confident and sexy.

True to herself and always looking to further cultivate her fine taste.

If you find yourself in these lines and you also want to:

     * Look amazing at the office and dress for success

     * Turn heads at a cocktail party

     * Be the queen of the night, while attending evening events

     * Shine and sparkle

Then this should be your inspiration source on updating your look.

From office to cocktail outfits and gowns, there are some very interesting ideas on how to accessorize red, purple and black dresses.

 A separate section is dedicated to all of you who love sequins, for the special occasions in your lives.  

… who deserve extraordinary jewelry

The featured creations are the result of a thorough curation process.

You will see many exquisite pieces which are special in many ways, be it uniqueness, design or features.

We’ve searched through many collections and among hundreds of items and selected some of the most amazing ones.

20 contemporary on 4 continents signed the stunning jewels you will see in our guide.

So, what do we have to offer?

Besides the inspiring content on how to look fantastic, you’ll have the chance to:

     * Find out what fine jewelry to wear with different types of dresses, in various life situations

     * Learn how to put your jewelry into context and create the WOW effect in your look

     * Discover useful insights on how to mix colors in the designs you wear

     * Identify talented and visionary jewelry designers you may not even have known before       

     * Discover an exquisite selection of jewelry pieces for your collection

Hope you will like it!

This is our first edition dedicated to fine jewelry and the chic ways of wearing it.

Don’t worry if the dress you love the most has a different hue than the ones we’ve talked about.

We’re already working on the next editions, covering the other colors you can find in our wardrobe.

It only takes time in order to make sure we make the most inspired and relevant recommendations for your style.

Until then, our first eBook can be downloaded here.

Live your jewelry love affair to the fullest!

In your own terms, but always the same: Innocent but spectacular.

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