Dare to bring to life the jewel

you have always dreamt of!

Bespoke jewelry

If you have always dreamt of a jewel with your DNA in it, in accordance with your style and personality, than tell us your wish. Through our bespoke service, it is our way to help you live your jewelry love affair vividly and take your role to the next level. Become a co-creator if you have a clear vision of what you want or be the muse that inspires the creation itself.

How does it work?

Express your preference for the bespoke service by sending us an email at jla@jewelryloveaffair.com. We will send you a form afterwards, in which you are asked to give us more details about the jewel you would like to be specially designed for you. From that moment on, our role is to assist you in the process of acquiring an original piece of jewelry by functioning as a liaison between you and the designer.

To make sure we can deliver the best results, we collaborate with international designers whose craftsmanship and talent are highly appreciated worldwide. Depending on your request, we will think of the designer whose creative approach meets your needs and check his or her availability first. Subsequently, we will let you know who will be able to fulfill your dream and the terms in which we can bring to life the piece you have ordered.