Nice to meet you, jewelry lover!

About us is the premium online destination that showcases exquisite jewelry items, functioning as an exclusive meeting point for both jewelry lovers and designers. Our role is to search for astonishing pieces, to discover their stories and their authors and bring them closer to the modern women.

It is our passion for this art that drives us build an online gallery that combines the aesthetic of beauty, the expression of talent and creativity, all these reflected in jewelry making. This passion also makes us want to go further from just admiring a jewel from distance, on the screen of our laptop or smartphone, to encouraging women to live their jewelry love affairs and ask for the creations they adore.

How do we do that?

We start from collaborating with designers whose craftsmanship and designs are highly appreciated. We have the privilege of presenting you their amazing work and then connect the most important pieces in the puzzle: the creator, the creation and the wearer.

Should you be interested in buying a jewel from the gallery, let us know about your intention by clicking the “request offer” button. We will send you all the necessary information in order to make a decision and assist you in the purchase process.

Why just assist and not doing more? Because the products listed here are not ours, but the designers who made them. Be it one-of-a-kind pieces or coming from limited editions, you will be able to buy the items you love directly from the designers.

And this is not all…

We asked ourselves why limit the offer to the existent products, when you could also be involved in the creation process right from the beginning. In response to that, the “bespoke jewelry” option is now available so you can have the chance to bring to life the jewel you have always dreamt of. Read more about it here.

…and there are many more to be discovered.

Enjoy your jewelry love affair!

Innocent but spectacular!