Celebrating genius and true meaning in life



I’ve always been captivated by people with a great purpose in life. They seem to have a kind of power that makes them capable of moving mountains, don’t you think?

With good and bad periods, ‘cause this is what evolution is about, the others’ awe and appreciation for their talent (or not) and always with a work that can change or impact destinies, they are the ones who mesmerize us whenever they perform, if artists, create, if designers or simply excel when bringing their passion to life.

Think about the force of Freddie Mercury at Live Aid concert in 1985 and the show that Queen performed that day, not to mention their entire musical activity.

I am not a Formula 1 fan, but I am a fan of Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian racing driver who is widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all times. I remember seeing a documentary about his life and someone describing the strength that Senna exuded even when he was waiting for the start of the competition in his car.

What about Edith Piaf, who conquered the world with her fascinating voice? And like her so many other singers or actresses who made a name for themselves because of their talent? Or think of Gabrielle Chanel or Christian Dior, who revolutionized women’s fashion, or René-Jules Lalique, the French designer who is considered the master of jewelry design in Art Nouveau style. Let’s remember about Nikola Tesla, who dedicated his life to inventions and contributions in electricity and magnetism, or about Mary Jackson, an African American mathematician and aerospace engineer that worked at NASA (you may know her story from the Hidden Figures movie & book).

The purpose in life has nothing to do with celebrity. There are doctors, teachers, architects or carpenters that we do not know about but who are really passionate about their work. People who love what they do and they are very good at it.

After ten years spent in advertising, I begin to believe that this is not my thing anymore. I would like to use my creativity in a different way, a more liberating and satisfying one. Not being obliged to follow a brief or design an ad that tells you why a new phone or car is better than the previous version, but being allowed to freely create a work of art that can help others more.

I am now in a phase of reinventing myself, with all my strengths and weaknesses. I will continue to learn from inspiring personalities and also to praise genius and real talent, while embracing my true self.


Photo explanations:

Image no. 1: Gabrielle Chanel, Edith Piaf, Christian Dior, Ayrton Senna, Nikola Tesla, René-Jules Lalique, Mary Jackson, Freddie Mercury

Image no. 2: Creations of the French designer René-Jules Lalique

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