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I love colors. I have always loved them although I pretty much like to dress in black and white or wear neutral colored outfits.

I love green, red and turquoise, but I also adore purple, blue, orange and living coral, the pantone color of the year 2019. I admire a good combination of shades in every design I see and I really think that Mother Nature is our most important source of inspiration when it comes to mixing colors.

I sometime surprise myself dreaming of being an artist who plays with colors, lights, textures and techniques that bring to life artworks which stir the admiration of others. I like to look at paintings, designs or any form of artistic expression beyond the whole picture and discover the details in them, the way they intertwine and create a symmetry or harmony just put together. Would I have done the same if I was to create that particular piece? Probably not, but this is the beauty of the design process. It depends on the creator’s vision, background, experiences and intrinsic resources.

Everyone knows colors but only a few have an eye for them. While the ones with a developed artistic sense might find the process of combining hues as a natural or instinctive one, others must educate themselves and learn how to use shades in clothing, interior design or in the simple creation of a powerpoint presentation.

Colors convey messages and do have meanings. Let’s take blue for example, which does remind us of the ocean’s clarity and the sky’s infinity. Blue, as well as turquoise, is seen as a protective color in many cultures, while green is perceived as the color of prophets and the great harmonizer by the Indian mystics.

I guess this is why it is my choice to start with blue and present other colors in my future posts. For the moment, let’s enjoy the tranquility and the serenity of blue, no matter the form or the shape it fills, even in jewelry. You know, Giampiero Bodino, an Italian designer once said in an interview given to that, for him, “colour is the most sensual part of a jewel – it brings a richness and harmony”. How beautiful is that?

Yours truly, Christine…

… forever in love with life and jewelry


Jewelry items:

Photo no. 1:

  • “Rope” ring in black gold with an opal, by Thierry Vendome
  • “Out of the blue” rings by Sydney Lynch

Photo no. 2:

  • Cocktail ring by Brumani
  • Sapphire and diamond earrings by Stephen Webster

Photo no. 3:

  • Art nouveau brooch
  • Pendant with sapphire and diamonds, by Alexandre Reza

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