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Hi! My name is Christine and I am 28 years old. I am a woman in search of the true meaning of her life. In almost three decades, I learned how to embrace with courage everything that life offered me, be it beautiful or less exciting experiences, precious lessons along the way, beliefs, dreams and everything I have loved to this day.

When I was a kid, my idea of success was pretty much related to working in an imposing building. Back then, the ideal job had to do something with being creative, like inventing stuff such the commercials I was seeing on TV. Little did I know at ten that I was dreaming of advertising.

I have always been good with words and cared little about what others might think of me. At 18, I got myself hired in an advertising agency. I started right from the bottom of the hierarchy, being a receptionist. After ten years, I am now the Creative Director of an international company.

I guess my dream as a child did come true. But no one ever told me that a job can’t really offer you the answer to the most important question in your life: who are you? No matter the title on your business card or how much you gain.

So who am I? This is the challenge that addresses me both as a woman and a human being. I choose to share with you some of my experiences, in the hope that this will make it easier for me to find myself, through words, photos or any other form of expressing my personality.

I am Christine and this is my story. I am independent and brave (as the word written in Morse code in this beautiful Jessie VE necklace in gold, with diamonds).

And this is my jewelry love affair.

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