Katerina Perez: I do not just love jewellery, I live it



She usually asks the questions addressed to designers and other key players in the jewellery industry. She has an amazing eye for high jewellery and her media channels such as her website and Instagram account reveal a real taste for craftsmanship and the beauty of precious stones. Today, jewellery insider Katerina Perez, the founder of, freelance journalist and the winner of the first IJL UK social influencer award offered last year by International Jewellery London switches places with us and becomes our special guest in an interview aimed at finding out more about her jewellery love affair.


Katerina, welcome! How would you describe your jewellery love affair?

KP: I have been passionate about jewellery from the very early age. Recently I found a photo of me decked out in my grandmother’s necklaces head to toe as taking them out of a jewellery box and trying them on was my favourite thing. Now, I do not just love jewellery, I live it.

What colour do you prefer in jewellery?

KP: This is a very hard question as it depends on my mood and what I wear, but I often gravitate towards greens and purples.

What are your favourite pieces in your own collection?

KP: My absolute favourite is a butterfly solo earring made of titanium and desecrated with a blue zircon. (first photo)

If you had to design your own creation, what would that be?

KP: I do not think I would be a good designer as I constantly see so many wonderful jewels. Creating jewellery of my own is not something I would like to do, I love creating with words. 🙂

You claim that you inherited the artistic inclination from your parents. What are the three principles you have learnt from them and now apply in your work?

KP: The best thing I have learnt or rather inherited is taste that helps me to quickly tell an outstanding jewellery design from an average one. Another thing I have learnt is not to give up easily and follow my passion. And the last one is to stay focused – this is why I stick to what I love most and feature strictly high jewellery.

The world of fine jewellery has met different influences in the past decades, based on the social and cultural environment specific to each period of time it went through. What is the modern woman looking nowadays in high-jewellery and how are the designers and jewellery houses responding to her needs?

KP: I think that one of the best things about modern high jewellery is transformability. When a client pays a big lump of money, being able to wear the same piece of jewellery in many different ways is a great bonus. Additionally, more and more women use jewellery as a self-expression and reflection of their individuality, style. Respecting that high jewellery maisons started bringing out more and more unconventional pieces that feature uniquely cut gemstones or daring designs. They are as unique as the women who will wear them!


Katerina is wearing:

Photo no. 1 -> her own titanium butterfly solo earring with zircon

Photo no. 2 -> a Piaget rose ring with a green tourmaline

Photo no. 3 -> a flower pendant and earrings with pink sapphires and diamonds by VanLeles


Thank you Katerina for these wonderful images!


We will continue our series of interviews with stunning women in love with jewellery so stay tuned to discover new inspiring stories!


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