Lessons from the pandemic: how my TV helped me immerse in the jewellery world from the comfort of my home



Many changes have happened since my last blog post. Not only that the world went through a major transformation itself, but we also witnessed an important shift in our daily routines and lives.

This happened due to the coronavirus and you know it as well as I do. You lived it too.

After a year and a half of pandemic, I will list below two of the understandings I’ve come to during this time.

1. The role of technology in bringing our hobbies to life

I will not speak here about how much technology helps us in reaching out to our dear ones or the innovations it has brought in the medical field, especially during crisis moments, but the impressive way it helps us in doing our jobs or enjoying our hobbies.

Don’t get me wrong, the first achievements listed here are worthy of all our praise, but I will stick to the topic of this article.

Since we’ve spent so much time at home starting 2020, my devices became my best allies in my quest for exquisite design.

When Covid-19 literally shut down the world, my laptop, smartphone and TV helped me to immerse in a better and fascinating universe and to continue my projects.

Back then, I could no longer physically admire the jewellery pieces I was previously looking for in museums or dedicated events. Instead, I did it remotely, on a screen.

Not only my TV rendered my joy for discovering wonderful design, but I also realized how important the features of a technical device are.

Why do I refer to my TV in the first place? For some simple reasons: it has the widest screen and the highest resolution from all my devices, but I also love its Ambilight effect.

Because yes, mystery solved, we do have a Philips TV at home.

The Ambilight effect offers a very pleasant user experience. Once you get used to having this feature, it will be much harder for you to watch a TV that does not have it. Something will be missing, trust me on this.

Simply put, it’s like having a bigger screen when this effect is turned on. The colours projected in real time on the wall totally change your experience of watching a movie on Netflix, while the rhythm of a music played in a concert can be amplified and “visually felt” through the lightshows of the Ambilight.

We are thrilled to have a gadget equipped with such functions and we’re not the only ones to think this way. My parents and cousins also bought a Philips TV after testing it at our place.

2. The desire to only invest in high-quality products

Nowadays, we pay much more attention to our home, a place that we tend to transform, more than ever, in a sanctuary.

This is our personal space in which we feel comfortable and safe, the place that inspire us and feels so good to live in it.

Every element decorating it, the electronics or devices we buy, the utensils we use inside our home, its scent and the vibes we project to it, all these build our nest.

This is why, when it comes to investing in new home acquisitions, we should pay great attention to the quality, functionality and the design of the products we purchase.

Let’s take the TV example since this device is indispensable in so many homes.

If you’re looking for a new gadget, my advice is crystal clear: invest in one that offers you a great user experience and has the features you need. You know better what you want, like watching video content or throwing yourself into the battle, if gaming is your passion.

Although it’s your decision to make, I’ll give you a hint:

Philips has already created the one that has it all: a smart TV that supports Dolby’s premium sound and video formats (translated into superb picture quality and great sound), easy connectivity and an amazing gaming experience.

While its simple design and straight lines can be easily integrated into any living room, the Ambilight effect will make your room even more classy and cosy.

Here, check it out.

Images: Philips TV | the one that has it all 

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