Memories from France



I still have in mind the view of the old buildings with large windows in Lyon, the streets guarded by tall trees with green leaves even in winter, the numerous boulangeries selling pain au chocolat & baguettes, the boutiques, cafes, restaurants and organic food stores greeting you with various goodies and offers.

I lived in Lyon for several months last year. After being a little hesitant at first, not knowing what to expect from this city, I quickly became in love with it. I discovered a civilized town despite the Gilets jaunes protest, a place with beautiful sights and cathedrals, an amazing lights festival and two rivers which gracefully make their way to the heart of the city and beyond.

From all the areas in Lyon, the promenade by the Rhone was my favorite one. It is a perfect place for a walk, looking for tranquility and just being with your thoughts, having lunch on a sunny day next to the swans floating on the water, hanging with your friends or doing jogging.

Lyon is also well connected to other important cities in terms of infrastructure. During my staying there, I had the chance to travel to Paris and Montpellier but you can go to other destinations in little time by TGV or plane.

I left Lyon in December with the promise that I will visit this city again, have a coffee by the Rhone and go to Notre Dame de Fourvière up on the hill where you can enjoy the town’s panorama.

I will come back to France to visit jewelry studios and Maisons and meet local artisans. I will visit other countries and different cultures so to understand a little more about this world.

In this life, I will do a lot of things which will be part of my evolution path. Sometimes I might get lost on the way. But every time I will come back to myself, no matter where I will physically be, so at the end of my days I can state: “Non, je ne regrette rien”, just like Edith Piaf once said.


Featured jewelry pieces:

* “Esus” diamond and ruby key ring in gold, by Antoine Chapoutot (based in Paris)

* “Mon Voyage” compass in yellow and white gold, with diamonds, by Sanlys (based in Lyon)


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