New beginning for Jewelry Love Affair



Moving into a new home is a special occasion that needs to be celebrated.

It was time to set up a new virtual place for my blog so I’ve decided to go to a new stage and mark this upgrade through a wonderful project: having a photo shoot at Sabion Galleries, the most beautiful store in the world in 2011 according to The Association for Retail Environments in America.

Sabion is a Romanian family business offering a wide range of fine jewelry collections, including the extraordinary creations of the renowned jewelry designer Gianni Lazzaro.

The brand distinguishes itself through innovation brought in gold and tantalum jewelry, as well as in interior design for a jewelry store.

Such an impressive location needed a talented photographer to capture in the best way possible the beauty of the place and the jewelry I wore. This is why I’ve decided to work with Doria Dragusin from Doria Photography who, in my opinion, did a great job.

But this is not all. A special make-up and dress were also needed in order to build the perfect story. I was thrilled to have my hair & make-up done by Cristina Hobjila from CH Atelier du Maquillage and to wear an amazing dress offered by Ivory Romania.

I am grateful to all the beautiful people with whom I’ve collaborated in this project, thank you all!

As for you, I hope you like the results. I will present them to you in a few posts that bring to life a new section for my blog: ‘Special Projects’. I hope and actually know that this is only the beginning of a more exciting and thriving stage for Jewelry Love Affair. An innocent affair, but spectacular!

I was wearing a handmade necklace & ring in 18 kt yellow gold,  with Citrine, Carnelian (also called Stone of Kings), Garnet and natural Cultured Pearls, from Sabion’s collection.


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