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Hi everyone! Remember Andra, my beloved friend who had a guest post on my blog at the end of September? I’m more than happy to present you another story of hers. Thank you Andra for these beautiful words! They have convinced me once again what a great story teller you are. 

New guest post by Andra Samson (owner at

In another life I’m sure I lived in some royal realm. Or so I choose to believe. Gates of fer forgé, purple velvet, black and white photos, silk, cameo medallions, old leather books, large hats and satin gloves never cease to put a spell on me. I would trade the ultimate modern necklace with a chaplet of pearls in a blink of an eye – sign of reminiscing from another life in another time.

The pearl string is pure immersion in old times. And when I plunge back there, I barely want to let go and come back.

But the cameo ring is a whole different story. A dearest present from a dearest friend. Years ago, he frantically stormed through countless antique shops only to find the cameo with the most heart throbbing story. And he did. He did not want to give me a piece of jewelry, but a slice of somebody’s life. It is said that the ring belonged to a young woman, fair haired and eyes like fire, who had just married to a brave soldier in WWII. They were married for merely two hours, when he was called for duty and had to leave.

He died in combat never to return to his beloved. And the young widow now wept and kept the only ever gift received from her love.

My fascination is an understatement…

These beautiful photos were also taken by Cristian Sutu, owner at Photo Union.


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