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I admire Andra very much. She is a beautiful woman and one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Andra is a great story teller which is why I asked her to tell me the story of her favorite jewels. I’m sure she would have been able to come up with a fairy tale but this time pictures say more than words. And this is only the beginning.

Guest post by Andra Samson

I am a story collector and bracelets are my guilty pleasure. I love them exclusively on my left arm and it became a habit to adorn it from wrist to elbow.

Feels like it never ends. And so it is, it never ends.

Each bracelet came into my life with a story behind another story. If I bought one, it was because the bracelet was born around a beautiful tale that I was living at the time. If I received it as a gift, it carried a story from a dearly beloved who made me a present. Either way, it never ends. My left arm is full of bracelets. My heart became full of enchanted tales that I preciously wear in time with me. Always.

You can discover Andra’s beautiful stories on her blog: Too bad only Romanian people can understand them. It’s such a loss for anybody else…

And if you’re wondering who’s responsible for these amazing photos, then you should know that the credit belongs to Cristian Sutu from Foto Union. Thank you Cristi for your support and these wonderful pictures! You can also find Cristi on his blog:


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  • Anonymous says:

    andra…daaaa… tu vrei sa imi iei locul… scrii cel putin la fel de bine ca mine, dar in poze esti mai frumoasa… dumnezeule, pe tine te iarta anii?


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