SERAFINO is a family business launched almost 20 years ago in Canada. From their studio in Montreal, the designers behind the brand – Annegret Morf and Antonio Serafino – dedicate themselves to jewelry making, by creating pieces that never go out of style and balance the traditional sense with a modern sensibility.

With a discreet presence in the public space, as I haven’t seen many interviews with Annegret and Antonio in the press, their work and vision are the ones that catch the eye of numerous jewelry lovers from around the world and convince them to wear their creations.

And it happened to us too. Seeing the luxurious details and the beautiful designs in their collections, we were eager to find out more about Annegret and Antonio. Furthermore, starting this month, we are proud to announce you that SERAFINO is also present in our gallery, showcasing exquisite pieces that can be ordered from the brand.

Discover more in the interview below:

  1. What is the story of SERAFINO?

We are a family run micro business based in Canada. Annegret Morf, a violin maker, and Antonio Serafino, a goldsmith, began SERAFINO in 1999 in Montreal. The couple had just moved from Italy where Antonio had managed his own workshop and jewelry store in Florence.

In the beginning, each worked part-time. Antonio built up a clientele in search of custom-made jewelry, creating his own pieces and doing repairs. Annegret built up a clientele of students and professional violinists and worked at home making and repairing violins.

Antonio participated about once a year in local exhibits and crafts sales. He also worked as a goldsmith for companies including Birks and Mayors. Their private clientele grew and Annegret would occasionally help Antonio make jewelry.

In 2005, the couple decided to unite their energy and dedicate their business exclusively to the goldsmith art. Happily, their shared vision “clicked” and their business thrived.

Today, one of their 3 sons, Lorenzo Serafino, a 3D design specialist with an artistic flair contributes regularly to the family business.

  1. Which is the jewel you are most proud of?

It is impossible to determine one single piece of jewelry we are most proud of. However, the Corindia ring is one of our latest, exciting achievements.

Jewelry item (image no. 2): Corindia ring in 18k yellow, pink and white gold set with sapphires

Read more about this creation, including product description and recommendations on what to wear it with in our gallery. You can order this ring here.

  1. The gemstones in your collection are brought to life through original and beautiful designs. Do you have a favourite gem?

For us, the most important attribute of a stone is colour. Of course cut, hardness and clarity of the stone are important when making decisions. It all depends on what we are making, a ring, a tiara, or a pendant, etc. Often we will let the gemstone inspire us. Diamonds rarely take the main role, in our pieces – if they are present, they are usually accessories, touches of light that enhance the other stones.

Jewelry item (image no. 3): Equilibrio I ring in 18k yellow and white gold set with a citrine briolette, rubies and a sapphire

Read more about this creation, including product description and recommendations on what to wear it with in our gallery. You can order this ring here.

  1. How would you describe the women wearing your creations?

They are enterprising, independent, with flare and character.

Jewelry item (image no. 4): Equilibrio VI ring in 18k yellow and white gold with a South Sea pearl, diamonds and a sapphire

Read more about this creation, including product description and recommendations on what to wear it with in our gallery. You can order this ring here.

  1. What does inspire you?

Our inspiration is interior and intuitive. It is a mixture of things we know and our imagination; ancient myths, relationships, dreams, the colour of the birds, anything can trigger our imagination.

  1. How long does it take to create a collection?

It depends very much on how much exterior pressure we have. If we are creating for a deadline, it can take a few months.

Having said that, we never see a collection as final. We sometimes look at an old collection and decide to make changes or add pieces. Like everything else, our collections are continuously evolving.

Jewelry item (image no. 5): Sarabande Royale ring in 18k yellow gold with lapis lazuli

  1. Which is the jewel in your private collection you love the most?

Antonio wears a simple Tahitian pearl on a leather band and his favourite ring is a broad PALLINO band in sterling silver.

Annegret’s favorites are her ROMANTICA Earrings in 18k yellow and white gold. They were a present from Antonio over 20 years ago.

Jewelry item (image no. 6): Romantica earrings in 18k yellow and white gold, square elements

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