The earth laughs in flowers



Nature has always been an inspiration source for artists.

From painters to fashion designers, the beauty of the surroundings has inspired the greatest creations in the world.

Just go to a field, in a forest or a garden full of flowers and you’ll discover there a breathtaking colour palette, catchy contours and alluring perfumes.


It is in nature where we can understand best the ”Snail” collage of Henri Matisse and its meaning about mixing colours, the impact of a poetic landscape on Van Gogh’s paintings and its influence on the creative genius in the fashion world.

Christian Dior was passionate about flowers and gardening.

Dries van Noten and Manolo Blahnik also have impressive gardens.

Watch the catwalk shows and you will see flowers not only in the set-up or printed on clothes, but also worn as a statement or a defining element in the presented outfits.

From Vincent van Gogh to Georgia O’Keeffe and Andy Warhol, the fascination for flowers marked the creative process of many artists, who presented them on canvas or silk screens as they really are or in abstract forms.

After all, the earth laughs in flowers, as R. W. Emerson once said.


Featuring the following purple jewelry creations:

1/ “Clematis” brooch in aluminium and white gold with sapphires and diamonds by Hemmerle
2/ Ring with natural petals set with a troida indicolite tourmaline, paved with purple sapphires, on titanium by Boucheron
3/ Earrings in aluminium, white gold and bronze with demantoid garnets by Hemmerle
4/ Hand carved amethyst with 18K yellow gold and diamonds
5/ Earrings in aluminium and gold with diamonds by Hemmerle
6/ Hortensia violet-blue ring in green-tinted titanium, diamonds, and real hydrangea flower petal by Boucheron
7/ Kunzite and diamond brooch by Margherita Burgener (sold in 2011 by Sothebys in London)
8/ Vintage rock crystal diamond pearl flower brooch, made in Austria, Vienna, in 1950s

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